Selasa, 30 Mei 2017

My Speech

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, who has given us mercy and blessing so we can meet together in this belssing place. And also let’s deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has brough us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right path
Ladies and gentlemen
It bea great honor for me, to stand high here in front of you all to give a speech about “Business for students”.
Ladies and gentlemen
As a student, sometimes the pocket money given by parents is not enough or mediocre. As a student, certainly a lot of utilities that must be paid, especially if there is a sudden need. Therefor, for you student who want to earn pocket money is, there are other alternatives in addition to asking parents that utilize the business opportunitiesthat exist. As we know, that now the business is already rampant, whether it’s offline business or online business. But, again the trend is now an online business
For  you student, who want to add pocket money, Look at the business opportunities that exist, learn, and announced aggressively the action of your business. So you can get the money without sacrifing study time and also without having to ask a lot with parents.
Ladies and gentlemen
There are several business opportunities for you students that can be run on the sidelines of the activities of the school. Some business only with a small capital and very likely to be successful if pursued in earnest.
The following business opportunities that you can live :
1.       Online business
2.       Sell electrical pulses
3.       Selling cakes
4.       Services install the app and update software
5.       Be the author ( to be published in the newspaper )
6.       Sell stationery and school equipment
7.       Gave private tutoring ( e.g. to the kindergarten/elementary school )
If you are interested to run one of these business, there is no harm if you try, in addition to add pocket money, a business that later can train the skill and creativity of the us since the beginning and will be a work experience when it’s passed later. So, don’t afraid to try and start, for it is a positive activity. We should also smart in divide the time between study and business. Don’t run business that bothers us as a student.
Ladies and gentlemen
Maybe, just be what can i say. I hope my speech can be received by all of you. And i ask forgiveness if in my speech there are words that are wrong or that interfere with the feelings of the listener. Thank you for your attention. I end my speech, wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh :)

Kamis, 27 April 2017

"boutique and Cafe" My future business

My future business

Talking about bussiness,  certainly many poeple want to do business , including me.Business is a job that generates a lot of profits, and also vulnerable to losses, therefore there must be a strategy for the business that can generate profits continuously. Doing business is not easy, need a big capital and have mettle. So think before you Plunge into the business world.
I have future bussiness that i want. The bussiness is boutique and cafe. Why boutique? Because
as we know it, Fashion in the present day Already rampant. Even babies even though his appearance was fashionable. Many teenagers to mothers who do not want to lose with the artist. Appearance from top to bottom attract attention. Not surprisingly, now there are many shops, boutiques or distros that sell clothes that trend fashion. My Dream, I want to open a boutique with the theme muslimah. So, the contents of the boutique is a special Muslim women. In the boutique I want to sell a simple fashion product, sayr'i product, into the trend now. And my ideals also want to make my boutique become famous in the eyes of society. Famous for its cheap price, quality materials, and friendly service. Hopefully my boutique business dream can be realized after I graduated from college, or after getting a job, or after I got married. Hehe Aamiin.

Okay, the second business I want to realize is a cafe business. I want to open this cafe because it is inspired by young people now who like to gather with friends,best friends and even family at the cafe. The plan in the future will be the cafe that I made the design inspire or advise like pictures or like writing. I thought, those who went to my cafe, not just sit joking or enjoying the menu. But also can get the science or inspiration or advice from the cafe. And in syaa Allah cafe that I will make a relaxing place as well as container da'wah, whose contents will be nuanced Islamic and the cafe is special for Muslim youth, but if others are interested please. hehe. Hopefully my dream  to open a cafe come true. Aamiin

How to make picture frame with flannelette

How to make picture frame with flannelette
Hallo readers, assalamualaikum. Today, i want to share with you all about how to make picture frame with flannelette. The procedure is not difficult, if you want to try. Hehe. Okay, here's the materials and procedure.
Materials :
glue wax
candle (wax)
korek api
oke, right. The materials have i mentioned, then how to make
1.      Prepare flannelette According to size, then cut the flannelette rectangular shape (according to the desired photo size) become 2 sheet.
2.      Cut the center of the flannelette according to the desired size of the photo.
3.      Put the flannel into two sheet, then sew the outer edge side. Next fill the dakron in the flannel while in the sewing.
4.      After that, taped flannelette cardboard which is coated cloth on the back (background).
5.      Next, Decorate the photo frame with a ribbon or picture at the corner of the frame.
6.      then, fill the photo frame with the desired photo.
7.      last give hanger or buffer if desired. So that photo frames can be displayed.
8.       finish and good luck. J

 Well, that's how to make a photo frame with flannelette that you can make yourself at home. The material is easy to get and easy procedure. Hopefully can be your reference all to make hand messiness. The material is not too much and the procedure is so easy. Good luck guys ;)

Sabtu, 22 April 2017

My Interview With Bibie Saputro

Hallo assalamualaikum readers. I want to introduce my friend. His name is Bibie Saputro, he study in tanjungpura university, Faculty of social and political sciences. Bibie Very expert in playing pianika instruments. He is very good at creating beautiful tones and I am interested to interview him. Here's my little interview with him.
K (kadariah): since when do you like pianika instruments?
B (bibie): I love pianika instruments when I was in grade 5 Sd.
K: oh yeah? Wow, its time so long, it means you are very eloquent in playing it, right?
B: yes, it's been a long time. Alhamdulillah not bad hehe
K: Okay, Why do you choose the pianika music? What makes you interested?
B: because the pianika sounds good to hear, easy to play instrument, and easy memorize ‘not’ ( notation ) it. That's it
K: Is there any difficulty in playing the instrument?
B: there must be. The early start I play must be difficult. because not know her ‘not’ ( notation ), my hands are also still stiff. But over time, alhamdulillah I can, because always learn.
K: Okay, are there any course teachers ?
B: oh no, I do not have a course teacher. I studied alone and taught a little parent
K: oh really?
B: yes it is true heheh
K: keep on for now, what have you gained from the old pianika playing?
B: alhamdulillah I have ever invited in wedding ceremony, festival, and other events.
K: means you have a lot perfoms. Okay, what are you doing in the future for this instrument?
B:  I want to do with the pianika in the future is to try to play it fluently again and again, in shaa Allah I will make a course to learn to play the pianika. And that is my dream. In syaa Allah manifest
K: Aamiin, in syaa Allah. Okay thank you so much Bibie have given me your free time for me. Hopefully this can give a positive to others about your skills in playing the instrument.
B: yes, you’rwelcome

Okay guys, that's the result of my interview with the Bibie of the expert in playing the pianika instrument.
Hopefully can motivate your readers to try to play a musical instrument that Bibie likes, and hopefully you can play it fluently like Bibie who played a beautiful tone with the pianika.
Thank you. Assalamualaikum :)